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inspiraTO, now in it's 14th season, keeps growing because of the theatre artist, production and volunteer community. Join us. Be part of it all.    

Canada's largest ten-minute play festival


Dominik Loncar (Artistic Director), Lumir Hladik (Associate Artistic Director), Liam  Stewart (Lighting Design), Nicki Wu (Assisstant  Studio Lighting Designer), Angus Barlow (Preshow / Transitional Music / Digital and Technial Director)

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Erin O'Hanley (General Manager), Nicole Santos (Production Manager), Josh Downing (Lead Director), Rosemary Doyle (Lead Director), Rachel Lampreia (Community Outreach Lead), Kimberley Wells (Twitter&Social Media Champion), Nikki Chabrol (Front of House)

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redShow Stage Manager: Marija Ludson,  blueShow Stage Manager: Larry Paskaruk, blackShow Stage Manager: Jacob Free, whiteShow Stage Manager: Tara Snider, greyShow Stage Manager: Sebastian Lima Santos, Lighting Operators:  Barry Wu (blueshow and redShow), Daniel Austin-Boyd (white and blackShow), Michael Taylor (greyShow), white/black show co-ordinator: Melissa Pasternak, Assistant Stage Managers: Sebastian Lima Santos (blueShow and redShow), Bill Mahabir (redShow), Assistant Stage Manager greyShow: Larry Paskaruk

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