14th inspiraTO Festival Schedule and Resources Sheets for download

inspiraTO Directors (click each title to download):

14th inspiraTO Schedule and Tech (updated: April 9)

Theatre inspiraTO Director’s Agreement (red, blue, grey and white shows)

Theatre inspiraTO’s Unhinged Agreement (blackShow)

Theatre inspiraTO’s Dignity in Theatre Policy (Harassment Policy)

Due by Feb. 5: Director’s Audition times request form (for red, blue and white shows only)

Theatre inspiraTO Set Design for all three theatre spaces

Director’s Form Sheets due April 10: Director’s Form Sheets redShow; Director’s Form Sheets blueShow; Director’s Form Sheets whiteShow; Director’s Form Sheets blackShow;

Bio and headshot templates will be emailed to you by either Erin (white/black shows) or Nicole (red/blue/grey shows) and due by the latest May 10 - but get them in earlier.

Comp policy for 14th inspiraTO artists and volunteers