The Blue Show



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blueShow times/ Mainstage:
Thurs. May 30 -  9 pm
Sat. June 1 -  8 pm
Thurs June 6 -  7 pm
Fri. June 7 -  8 pm
Sat. June 8 -  6 pm

Wheelchair accessible


6 ten-minute plays in one show.The blueShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

1. Just A Game by Katie Murphy / 2. Old Age and Treachery by Wyatt Lamoureux / 3. Strings by Brian Cern / 4. Chain Link by Deb Hiett / 5. Take Me Out by Chip Bolcik / 6. Stargazer by Greg Gould


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Just a Game by Katie Murphy

Today’s Millennials will relate to a virtual reality that touches a deeper truth. Heartrending.


Director: Milena Fera

Featuring: Erik J. Bracciodieta, Susan Castillo

Old Age and Treachery by Wyatt Lamoureux


If you're the last man on earth, is it wise to argue with the last machine? An Armageddon comedy.

Director: Emily Monster

Featuring: Joshua Morris, Onella de Zilva

Strings by Brian Cern

After a lifetime of pain, an impossible woman from out of a legend demands to have her voice heard, over that of her more famous family. An imaginative feminist perspective.


Director: Rochelle Richardson

Featuring: Jennifer Fahy, Cameron Smith

Chain Link by Deb Hiett

Poetic storytelling of a refugee and her relationship with the rest of the world.

Director: Lagan Maheshwari

Featuring: Shakila Fernando, Aaron Clapperton 

Take Me Out by Chip Bolcik

Bonds are created in the strangest of places. Touching.

Director: Dorsai Ranjbari

Featuring: J. Todd Colley, Aldrick Dugarte

Stargazers by Greg Gould


Who imagined visiting earth could be so out-of-this-world fun.

Director: Aviva Fleising

Featuring: Daniel Nguyen, Jacqueline Ambrosia, Shannon Dickens